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Welcome to the

Paolo Cavallone Fan Club

"cerco spazi luminosi...

in questo negozio di metafore"

P.Cavallone, da In questo metro quadro (2015)

Paolo Cavallone compositeur
Paolo Cavallone Confini
H ó r o s

"Paolo Cavallone est un compositeur majeur de la musique d’aujourd’hui..."

Putsch, January 2019

"...This music... represents an official warning for this narrow-minded time...” 
Dino Villatico, La Repubblica, July 8, 2018

“...Hóros... a new CD by Paolo Cavallone... one of the top Italian composers... a remarkable work both musically and of very high poetry as well...”
Renzo Cresti, Musicalnews, September 21, 2018

Cavallone Horos Tactus 970304_Cover.jpg
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