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"..This music... represents an official warning for this narrow-minded time.."
(Dino Villatico, La Repubblica - 2018)

``...Hóros... a new CD by Paolo Cavallone... one of the top Italian composers... a remarkable work both musically and of very high poetry as well...``

(Renzo Cresti, Musicalnews - 2018)

Cavallone Confini.jpg

… The pieces included in the CD Confini represent authentic jewels of contemporary chamber music…”

Italia Oggi (2012)

“…in Confini, the various configurations of the musical gesture form panoramas which stimulates both the ear and the visual perception…”

JAM (2012)

Maestro Cavallone has been awarded the prize as "Personaggio dell'anno 2022" by the magazine "Il Germe"
The 2022 closes with a new recognition for composer Paolo Cavallone. The musician, one of the major composers of Today's contemporary scene, but also a pianist, poet, writer and philosopher, has recently received the recognition of "Personaggio dell'anno" by the magazine Il Germe. This is the third recognition in recent months for Maestro Paolo Cavallone, a leading personality in today's music. The ceremony, accompanied by a publication, took place at the Teatro Pacifico cinema in Sulmona (L'Aquila) in the presence of representatives of the institutions and a large audience."
(Agenparl, Januray 3rd, 2023)
Paolo Cavallone Metamorfosi d'amore genn

Paolo Cavallone with conductor Aurelien Zielinski, Roberto Fabbriciani and Aurelien Pascal with the Orchestre National de Bretagne (ONB)  in Rennes - on the occasion of a wonderful rendition of Maestro Cavallone's Metamorfosi d'amore for flute, cello, and orchestra (Januray 2019)


Putsch.Media (2019)

"Paolo Cavallone est un compositeur majeur de la musique d’aujourd’hui. La diversité de son écriture est marquée par une quête de l’ouverture des possibles, définie par les critiques comme ‘’révolutionnaire’’. Le 24 et 25 janvier 2019, l’une de ses compositions, « Metamorfosi d’Amore », sera jouée à Rennes par l’Orchestre Symphonique de Bretagne. Putsch l’a rencontré."


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