Cluster Presents Horos in Lucca

It has been presented by Renzo Cresti in Lucca at Associazione Cluster the New CD by Maestro Cavallone. Details as follow:

May 12, 2018 - 9.30pm

Auditorium della Fondazione BML

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La Gazzetta di Lucca

the CD is available on pre-sale on Amazon

Maestro Cavallone and Composer and Cluster's Artistic director Girolamo Deraco at Lucca's Museo Puccini.  Images 2 and 3 feature musicologist Renzo Cresti during the presentation of the CD

La Città Incantata 2017
Un film d'animation d'art
Magasin de métaphores
a new approach to animation movies.
Maestro Cavallone (music, poems and direction) realizes a real metaphores store together with visual artist Cristiano Morandini (animation, paintings and video editing).
                               here is an interview to the artists for RAI TV

E' stata presentata a Civita di Bagnoregio, in occasione de La Città Incantata - Meeting internazionale dei disegnatori che salvano il mondo, l’opera “Magasin de métaphores” realizzata dal compositore Paolo Cavallone e dall'artista Cristiano Morandini.                                                     read on musicalnews

                                                                                                        watch the trailer